Tamara & Lacie: two cute teens having fun

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Two very popular girls (who were first timers back in their original shoots) and are real life friends, return for a girl girl adventure! We spot them in college town, holding hands, flirting, making out, and fingering each other right there in public! Their playful ways continue in the ice cream store, and their summer clothes easily give us glimpses of their breasts & panties! Tamara takes Lacie to her dormitory, where they start fingering each other and having oral sex in the balcony.

Her bedroom is very comfy as well, and they roll around and have pillow fights in the nude, then continue on with oral sex. Tamara pulls out her favorite vibrator, and masturbates to orgasm — then Lacie does it in the balcony to orgasm as well. Lacie is very wet, and Tamara fingers her wetness and tastes it. At a restaurant, they’re being the fun girls they are, and tease some guys who are watching them. In very cute dresses & heels, we visit a resort with an attractive fountain & pond, and watch them make out, and finger-bang each other on the spot. Unfortunately they get caught and are forced to leave…

Back home they continue being playful in the nude, with more oral sex in a 69 position. Then comes the biggest and longest cucumber ever, over 20 inches long… and Tamara uses it on Lacie, pushing it as deep as it can go. Lacie’s tight enough that she can make it stick out of her in doggy style! Then Tamara does her best on it, and rides it in a very erotic way.

Together, they take each end and start grinding it into themselves, pushing it so deep from each side that there’s only a few inches of cucumber left! Their nude play continues with some dancing together, then going poolside for extreme closeups of nipple sucking, oral sex, labia pulling, fingering, and gaping. Then it gets extreme, as Lacie gets full-fisted by Tamara! She works her hand in nice and deep, while Lacie is pushed to her extreme limits. A girl-girl shoot to remember, with two fun and sweet girls members really wanted to see come back!

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