Princess Mia and Stella – Princess Mia and toilet slave | FULL HD 1080P | Release Year: Sep 5, 2017

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1.Lick Ass, coercion, constraint, duress, scat piss, duress. The girl feeds her dog with her delicious shit. She places him on his knees, ties his hands; she lies on a table in front of him and undresses opening her vagina and ass. First, she makes him lick between her legs. She groans and smiles, getting nice feelings because of his humiliation. Then she shits into his mouth, makes him chew and eat shit. She pisses on his face and laughs. Then she stands up and smears shit on his face, she laughs while the slave gasps, mumbles and vomits. 2.Two girls tightly tied their slave and humiliate him. Stella beats this asshole over his dirty body while Mia sits on his face and strangles him by her ass. The girls laugh at him, beat and spit on his face. Then they scratch his smelly body with their heels, spit on him, walk on his body and laugh at this sleazeball. Then Mia sits down on his face, shits in the mouth, laughs. She closes his dirty face with a package, and then they write on paper humiliation and attach it to the body with staplers, then remove it and tear over.

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