Hello and welcome! This section of our little forum is dedicated to vomit fetish, here you can find all the hottest, most popular, trending, underrated, overrated vomit videos. While some people are into scar or piss, it’s just kinda mildly gross. Some people actually think that vomiting is the gateway fetish when it comes to scat/piss. Most people here admittedly enjoy watching other people vomit, they don’t even like vomiting themselves or being vomited on. The excitement for them probably comes from the intensity, and if you really want to get deep about it: it’s pretty much like an orgasm, it’s a simple build-up/release kinda thing. Some people say that this particular fetish is what you would consider a lonely fetish, not many people are fascinated with puke, nobody really likes the sounds, the sight or the smell.
It’s not so lonely anymore, because this section hosts all the vomit videos you can stomach and the people here are incredibly active, honest and friendly. They will admit that watching vomit videos is weird, but who cares what you do with your free time as long it’s fun, safe and gets you off in no time? So, if you are on the fence about your own fetish, don’t think too much about. Life is short, go watch some more vomit videos, get crazy. Nobody is going to judge you here, because these are the same people watching/sharing/uploading the vomit videos that you love so much.
If we are being honest, you know that good vomit XXX content is really hard to find. You get some shaky-camera footage of bizarre happenings, half of the videos involve shit-faced 20-something party-girls in one way or another. If you want high-quality vomit XXX videos, you have come the right place. Because of our users’ valiant efforts, our vomit XXX collection is huge, diverse and there’s something for everyone. Some enjoy puke in obviously non-sexual situations, some like puking during sex, etc. This thing is as complicated as it is hot. So, what we are saying is – get ready to enjoy vomit XXX content like never before in your life. Those other sites/forums don’t really care about their userbase and the quality, they just want to make some quick cash at your expense.
The best thing about our forum and this section in particular, it’s how much you people love communicating with each other. It’s nice to finally have a ton of friendly, cool people that share the same kink as you do. It’s a great feeling and it’s unlike anything else in the entire world. Join our community and get involved. The people here share their personal experiences, talk about the videos, some even might make fun of them. It’s all good, because taking yourself too seriously makes you a really boring person. In the end, we just want you to enjoy your stay, talk to people, share some cool videos that you have, get involved. This is the best place to satisfy your barf porn cravings and it’s all thanks to the users. Without getting too sappy about it, let’s just say that we are glad to have you with us.

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