Male Domination

Hello and welcome! This section is dedicated to all the maledom-related porn we have on our website. You can get all smart and talk about the history of mankind and how it’s all about male dominance. It’s often said that the winners write history. Which likely means that men were born to win. All the most famous scientists are men, for example. All the hottest commodities in the worlds of sports, entertainment, anything are men. If you want to call bullshit on this whole male dominance throughout the ages thing, name one famous female scientist? Marie Skłodowska Curie? That pretty much covers it. She was a foxy lady, by the way.
So, anyway, you came here to watch men dominating women, not argue history with someone. We enjoy watching men dominating women because it just seems to unlock something primal in our brains. It’s raw and it’s real and that’s how it should be. Always, if you need our biased opinion. Women were made to look pretty and be submissive, get pregnant and stay in the kitchen. Maybe we are going a little overboard with this whole thing, but it’s kinda true. You enjoy maledom videos and you should be red-pilled as all hell when it comes to women and how you treat them.
This section lets you access all the hottest maledom videos that we have. Which is a great thing. You will enjoy some ruthless throat-fucking videos with the girls nearly gagging while trying to please their master. You will get some simplistic BDSM stuff with whipping, flogging, leashing and all that kinda stuff. You will get female bondage videos with the hotties getting tied-up, used and abused. Yeah, female bondage is our favorite. It’s the women’s favorite too, they seem to really enjoy this feeling of helplessness. Kinky! Anyway, it would be unfair to overlook our crazy collection of rope bondage maledom porn. You see, rope bondage is more popular because it just looks hotter and sometimes it’s more painful/pleasurable. You will also get some public humiliation videos with horny sluts being used as they should: as fuck-toys. So, it doesn’t really matter what kind of maledom porn you are after. We have it here, we have plenty of it and it’s all thanks to our dedicated, sexy, alpha male userbase! These are the people that hook you up with the greatest male domination videos in the world.
These are the people that let you enjoy maledom porn for free. It’s not just that, our users also upload videos every single day, several times a day, the whole year round. Let’s see if any fancy paid website can beat that. Spoiler alert: they can’t, because when people really get together and are really passionate about something, magic happens. You won’t get this kinda passion from paysites, they only care about draining your wallet. You will find tons of like-minded people here, some are awesome, some are awful, but at least you can always fall back on your mutual love for maledom porn, right? Enjoy your stay and don’t forget to tell your friends all about this little gem of a forum. © 2014 - 2017