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(25.11.2016) Special puke piss spit dinner
Very much piss and spit for the slave
(17.09.2016) Shit, vomit, piss and spit for the living toilet
Surprise birthday party
Erin and Jeanne do a crap in the guys mouth again
(23.03.2016) Eat our shit bitch, Carol Shit Punishment, Carolyne Vibe First Scat Movie, First Scat Mary Luthay, Pay your bills or, Xtreme Scat Humiliation
Spitting Girls – By Domina Diana Sky And Her Slave Patricia Big Blue Eyes
(17.12.2015) Shit from the Goddess – Mistress Diana takes a dump in her slave’s mouth
Day By Day For A Toilet Slave – Girls Spit In A Face To The Toilet Slave
Pissing humiliation, spitting


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