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(17.05.2015) Lazy Cleaner – Spanking

2015 | MP4 | Full HD | 1920x1080 | 00:16:14 | 1,15 GB

Jean is late again much to Paul's annoyance! He's had problems before with his hired help and is beginning to wonder why he bothers to employ her then remembers she's cheap! "You get what you pay for!" But Paul is so incensed this time that when Jean finally turns up, more interested on what's on her Phone than listen to him berating her, he flips and takes her over his knee for a much needed spanking! She is certainly not too old to be getting this long overdue treatment & although she is shocked at his behavior she knows deep down she deserved this & eventually starts to genuinely feel sorry. This would be more to the fact that her bare bottom is being spanked & strapped! She needs this job desperately in these hard economic times & she's willing to show that she can learn from her bad attitude! Paul admires his handiwork as he watches her do the first job of the day that she should have completed over an hour ago - doing the dishes by hand! You can see this very grown up Domestic Discipline movie - a rare chance to see Jean Bradley properly man spanked with a special focus on pantyhose spankings!


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